Mesh Banner

imagesHave you seen large banner advertisements hanging on the outside of a building? Or, have you ever seen a building “wrapped” in an advertising banner?

These are a few of the applications for PVC mesh banners. These banners are constructed from PVC mesh and then digitally printed with graphics and lettering. I’ve seen some that are faces of people, event announcements, a landscape graphic illustration or just a company logo. These banners are constructed of PVC mesh that allows airflow and light to flow through to the areas behind it. When they are mounted on the outside of a building, they do not significantly restrict the view or the light that enters through the windows it covers. The light is filtered not blocked by the banner.

These banners can be designed to your specifications and needs with graphics, lettering and color combinations of your choice. The color combinations are unlimited and, with digital rendering, your design options are limited only by your imagination and the expertise of the banner company you choose. If you have an idea and a message, a PVC mesh banner can be made just for your needs.

PVC banners are printed with special UV protected and solvent inks for long life and a quality finish in the application you require. The installation or display of this type of banner is usually on a protruding pole or rod. The banner can be designed with the graphics and message on one side or double sided, depending on the application you have planned.images (2)

Banners made of vinyl and PVC can be manufactured in a roll-up or pop-up style as well. These types of banners are usually free-standing and can be easily dismantled and transported. These are great for exhibitions since they require no permanent display structure and are lightweight.

Another use for a PVC mesh banner could be as a decorating tool. Landscapes can be printed on these mesh banners and then hung in a manner to accent the room or area decor. What a lovely use of these versatile banners! Since they tend to diffuse or filter the light a bit, they could be used on windows in your home, office or other commercial building, giving a mural effect. Where will you hang your next mesh banner?



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